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Gainesville/Alachua County area SLIDESHOWS and area INFO:

Slideshow of Alachua County/Gainesville area Countryside

Slideshow & Info for Haile Plantation Neighborhood in Gainesville Part 1:
Community and Golf Course

Slideshow & Info for Haile Plantation Part 2: Haile Village Center and Shops

Slideshow of Alachua, FL FARMS

Slideshow of Downtown Alachua, FL 

Gainesville, FL PHOTOS 

Blues Creek Neighborhood Profile

The Hammock Neighborhood Profile

Gainesville Historic Home Sites: Duck Pond, Pleasant St. & SE Historic Districts

Gainesville Real Estate Market Report 1/1/08 - 5/14/2008


Buyer Resources:

AmeriDream Downpayment Assistance IS being eliminated 10/01/08.  BUYERS on the fence: ACT NOW!!

SERVICE PROVIDERS for Gainesville, FL: Home Inspectors, Termite Inspectors, Appraisers, etc.

Why is NOW the time to BUY in Gainesville, FL?

First Time Homebuyer's Information Package

Buyer's Guide to Survival Part 1: Understanding the home buying process

Buyer's Guide to Survival Part 2: Costs Associated with buying a home 

Current FHA approved CONDOS & info on the FHA loan program

A Less Expensive Listing Price DOES NOT mean a less expensive mortgage payment! 

Reasons to do a 1031/Starker Exchange and Resources for HOW 

Dear Parents, Why to BUY your UF or SFCC student real estate 


Seller Resources: 

Thinking of SELLING your home? 

Tips to get the most $$$ and the Best Terms for your home sale

Short Sale vs. Foreclosure: If you're in trouble, know you're options!

Reasons to do a 1031/Starker Exchange and Resources for HOW  


Gainesville, FL Restaurants & Recreation Articles:

Where to EAT in Gainesville, FL: Angela's top picks

Find Gainesville, FL Restaurant Menus (and YOUR local area menus)

Uppercrust Bakery (with pics)

Falafel King Restaurant Profile
(with pics)

Chutnees Indian Restaurant Profile (with pics) 

Ichiban Sushi Japanese Restaurant Profile (with pics)

Liquid Ginger Asian Grille & Teahouse Profile (with pics) 

La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant (with pics)

The Top Restaurant (with pics)

Sweet Dreams Homemade Ice Cream (with pics)

Gainesville, FL Golf Courses/Golf Communities

Union Street/Downtown Farmer's Market

Alachua County & Gainesville, FL Area State Parks and Springs


Articles about Gainesville:

Gainesville tops list of 7 most RECESSION PROOF cities to live in America!

Gainesville currently has one of the *Lowest* unemployment rates in Florida!


Other Topics/Off Topic:

6th Annual KIDS CARNIVAL March 21st, 2009:  Click here for TICKETS

Dance Alive Fundraiser: Champagne & Chocolate 12/20/2008

THE AMIMAL RESCUE SITE: Help feed abused & neglected animals FREE

Real Estate Market Outlook: A Year of Repair, A Year of Growth (7/08)

Some Positive News for the Real Estate Industry

Consider Adopting a pet in need or donating to your local Humane Society

Who is out and gardening & what are you planting? 

Gainesville Birds: Tufted Titmouse

POP QUIZ: Identify where I took this photo 

Foods you absolutely cannot stand

Have a dollar?  Would you like a cheeseburger or a house?




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